Good Practices by category

Grants supporting district and city projects, activities, and services to promote and improve actions linked to the objectives of the Barcelona Time Agreement: the city’s commitment to a healthier, more egalitarian, efficient and sustainable organisation of time.

Barcelona City Council

A new approach to developing a 15-minute Milan based on community participation.

Milan City Council

A series of conferences on the main socio-environmental crises we face as a society.

Barcelona City Council

Communities of between 10,000 and 30,000 inhabitants tackle care needs from a collective, proximity-based approach.

Barcelona City Council

Urban walk to highlight and transform challenges to perceived safety.

Catalan Government

Improving public transport infrastructure to make it inclusive for women, children, and people with different mobility needs.

Catalan Government

Co-produced policy in the Rodrigo Bueno neighbourhood focusing on gender issues, mobility, and safety to improve women’s quality of life in vulnerable neighbourhoods.

Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area

Transforming the school environment, putting children’s safety and wellbeing at the centre through various actions.

Barcelona City Council

Bring services closer to citizens.

Bolzano City Council

Internal time policy to help workers balance work and life.

Milan Metropolitan Area

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