Smart City Expo World Congress: Transforming Time Uses in Our Cities

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What is it?

A New Urban Era is emerging. Though the challenges that lie ahead for cities remain huge, a new paradigm is reshaping urban planning: collaboration, ethical tech, common good, environmental sensitivity, and people’s needs at the center of all agendas. Cities are more alive than ever, and their future looks bright.

Smart City Expo 2023 will be the biggest to date, and will show the world the smart solutions shaping this new era — those currently helping cities thrive and creating safer, greener, and more efficient urban spaces. A unique showcase of proven implementations accelerating a smart, human-centric urban revolution. It’s time to go beyond dreams and inspiration.

How time policies will be present at the Smart City Expo World Congress?

Urban policies do not usually include time use as a key factor, and yet cities are constantly trying to influence it. By adding new and faster mobility routes, providing childcare that saves time to caregivers, or applying the famous 15-minute city concept which connects time and space, cities change the everyday life of their citizens. Time policies allow cities to innovate by placing time at the centre of the urban agenda.

Time policies will be present at the event with a practical event, showcasing examples on how time is being organised in different cities. All examples will also be contextualised with what time policies are, and how municipalities can engage in organising time.

When will the event take place?

On Thursday 9th November, between 10:00h – 12:00h. The venue will be Conference Center | CC1 – 1.2.

The event will take place in Barcelona, at Gran Via Avenue.

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