Summer School of Time: time policies, a key element for the 21st century

Tick-Tock Europe: Championing for the right to time!  MEPs and MEPs candidates from all over Europe endorse the EU Manifesto for time policies

Time and Democracy and Night time policies: how time policies are a solution for these challenges 

Moving towards the reduction of the working time and the Law on the Use of Time

Experts ask political representatives to add the end of clock change in Europe in the UE Electoral Programes

Strasbourg takes the lead from Bolzano, becoming the new World Capital of Time Policies

The Time Use Initiative applauds measures in favor of time rationalization in Spain

Time, a key element in the new index measuring well-being in Catalonia

Time policies receive international recognition: the Time Use Initiative, awarded with the Edge of Government Award

New joint strategy for consolidating Catalonia as a global reference in time policies has been signed

Addressing time poverty: tackling inequalities through policy initiatives

A discussion series on time organisation for mitigating inequalities and enhancing social well-being, hosted at CaixaFòrum Macaya

The Metropolitan Area of the Aburrá Valley and the Time Use Initiative co-organised the first working session on metropolitan time policies in Latin America

Time Polices for a Smart City: A Recap of TUI participation at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2023

Time Use Week 2023 core discussions revolves on how to effectively implement a new balance in time uses

Upcoming European elections could be an opportunity to end the clock change

The policy brief “Towards a New Time Balance” proposes six key objectives to achieve a new organization of working time

Experts debate what it means to move towards the right to time in public policy

TUW’s 10th edition explores how to achieve a new social balance of time

tuw23 en

Time Use Week’s tenth edition will discuss how to achieve a new time balance

Catalonia will be the meeting place where international representatives from municipalities, regions, international organisations, social and productive agents, and the research community will reflect on how to achieve the right...

The TUI signs a key partnership to promote time policies as a key tool for smart cities

The Time Use Initiative, as technical secretariat of the Local and Regional Governments Time Network has signed an agreement to be a collaborating organisation in the Smart City Expo World...
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