Good Practices by category

A new approach to developing a 15-minute Milan based on community participation.

Milan City Council

One of the main instruments to improve mobility is based on actions to optimise workers’ mobility and time, put alternative modes of transport before private vehicles and streamline car use.

Barcelona City Council

Sustainable development project integrating environmental protection, security, economic development, and welfare.

Milan Metropolitan Area

Improving public transport infrastructure to make it inclusive for women, children, and people with different mobility needs.

Catalan Government

Co-produced policy in the Rodrigo Bueno neighbourhood focusing on gender issues, mobility, and safety to improve women’s quality of life in vulnerable neighbourhoods.

Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area

Strategies, actions and tools for cycling and walking, a guarantee for distancing measures in urban travel and sustainable mobility.

Milan City Council

Shaping former streets and parking areas into new public spaces to be used for social relations and community-based activities.

Milan City Council

The street is reserved for pedestrians and cyclists at least at school entrance and exit times, or completely pedestrianised if the context allows.

Strasbourg City Council

Transforming the school environment, putting children’s safety and wellbeing at the centre through various actions.

Barcelona City Council

Time as a lever in tackling climate change.

Lille Metropolitan Area

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