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Time Use Week 2023 - For a new time balance

The Time Use Week is the international event for promoting knowledge and inspiration cases on time policies. Researchers, political institutions, social organisations, and citizens from all over the world participate and push the debate, advocating from their different fields of expertise, towards a better social time organisation. The upcoming tenth edition will take place between October 16th and 18th in Barcelona, under the motto “Towards a new time balance”.

2nd Ibero-American Time and Schedules Forum

The 2nd Ibero-American Time and Schedules Forum is the second edition of the summit for time organisation in Latin America. It is a series of conferences based on exchanging policies, experiences, and knowledge in relation to time policies. The targeted audience are researchers, public officials, and civil society from Ibero-America.

Time, mobility, and sustainability: an opportunity to increase resilience

The Local and Regional Time Agenda second topic tackles a time-related topic of global relevance: “Time, mobility and sustainability: an opportunity to increase resilience”, a compilation of time policies grouped by different topics as well as practical recommendations on how to implement them. It includes aspects on how to deal with the rush hour, how to implement cities of 15 minutes, and how to bring sustainable mobility to urban areas, among others.

upcoming time policies events in 2023

Upcoming time policies events in 2023

Time organisation is beginning to be put at the centre of the political agenda, and time policies are attracting the interest from a myriad of actors from all over the world. During 2023, there will be new milestones for advancing in understanding how social time use affects our societies, and what can be done on the issue by different stakeholders.

Time Use Week 2022

The Time Use Week is the main global event aimed at promoting the exchange of knowledge and good practices in time policies. It gathers researchers, public institutions, social partners, and citizenry from all over the world. The ninth edition took place from 24th to 26th October in Barcelona, with some events happening virtually also the 27th. The topic was time and (in-)equalities.

1st Ibero-American Time Use Week

The 1st Ibero-American Time Use Week is the first awareness event on time policies in Latin America. During a whole week, Ibero-American public representatives, researchers, and citizens will exchange policies, experiences and knowledge related to time organisation in Latin America.

Time Use Week 2021

In October 2021, the second edition of the Time Use Week took place in Barcelona. The aim was to create thematic forums for exchanging and discussing time policies with key international stakeholders. The TUW 2021 included the 43rd Annual Congress of the IATUR (International Association for Time Use Research), in which more than 200 researchers from all over the world participated.

Time Use Week 2020

The former Setmana dels Horaris (Timetables Week), that this year has taken place from 23 to 27 November in Barcelona, arrives at its 7th edition becoming the Time Use Week, consolidating locally and beginning the transition towards its internationalization. A hundred Catalan municipalities and companies will participate in this new edition, also counting with 20 international experts.

The Timetable Week

The Timetable Week constituted an outstanding opportunity to present Catalonia´s challenges in terms of transforming the organisation of time in our everyday life. It has been a space to present alternatives to citizens, the production system and public institutions with the aim of inducing a structural and cultural change. Since 2019, we aim to create also a space to share with other organisations, institutions and people working towards the same goal in other European countries and beyond.

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