Time Use Week 2022

The Time Use Week is the main global event aimed at promoting the exchange of knowledge and good practices in time policies. It gathers researchers, public institutions, social partners, and citizenry from all over the world. The ninth edition took place from 24th to 26th October in Barcelona, with some events happening virtually also the 27th. The topic was time and (in-)equalities.

During the Week, data on time use inequalities, their effects on people’s health, equality, and productivity, as well as on countries’ sustainability, or even on the workplace, was shown. Social initiatives and public policies aimed at facing such inequalities were analysed, and the question on how to grant the right to time as a citizenry right was addressed.

Time Use Week 2022 was aimed at being even a more inclusive event, hosting international events and discussions, as well as decentralising some of them in order to reach every interested community.

Retrieve all sessions

All sessions are now available to be retrieved, so you can find them out in the three languages (Catalan, Spanish, and English) on-line.

Find out TUW's conclusions

We have gathered all conclusions in bullet-pointed highlights, so you can check them out for a summarised dose of time organisation.

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