Time, mobility, and sustainability: an opportunity to increase resilience

The Local and Regional TIME Agenda is a pioneering compilation of time policies implemented in a post-COVID era by local, metropolitan and regional authorities from distinct corners of the world. The Agenda aims to become a guide for those institutions interested in time policies as a tool to transform the society of the 21st century, ensuring the right to time by making it healthier, more egalitarian, more efficient and more sustainable for all.

In particular, the current publication tackles a time-related topic of global relevance: “Time, mobility and sustainability: an opportunity to increase resilience”, a compilation of time policies grouped by different topics as well as practical recommendations on how to implement them. It includes aspects on how to deal with the rush hour, how to implement cities of 15 minutes, and how to bring sustainable mobility to urban areas, among others.

The Agenda is coordinated by the Local and Regional Governments Time Network, the international network to exchange and promote implementable time policies generated at the local and regional level.


  • Gabriela Uchoa, Urban Resilience Consultant at UN-Habitat.
  • Emmanuel Munch, Research officer at the Ministry for Ecological Transition.
  • Ariadna Miquel, Director of Urban Strategy at the Barcelona City Council.
  • Sylvia Profanter, Director of the Office for Time and Statistics at the Municipality of Bolzano.
  • Christina Karamperi, Department of Research and Communications at e-Trikala, S.A.
  • Gabriella D’Avanzo, Project Officer at the Metropolitan City of Milan.
  • Álvaro Herrero, from the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.
  • Oriol Martori,  Director-General for Transport and Mobility at the Catalan Government
  • Angelo Gennaccaro, Councillor for Digital Innovation and Time policies at the Municipality of Bolzano, World Capital of Time Policies 2023.
  • Lucie Verchère, from the organisation Tempo Territorial on time policies.
  • Caroline Kramer, Human Geographer of Institute of Geography and Geoecology (IFGG) and member of the research group of the Barcelona Time Use Initiative.
  • Marta Junqué, co-coordinator of the Barcelona Time Use Initiative for a Healthy Society, Secretariat of the Local and Regional Governments TIME Network.

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