The INDTime diagnosis tool is the result of a project focusing on industrial time reform. This was a pioneering project in Spain, which aimed at proposing healthier, more efficient, and more flexible alternatives to the current organisation of time and shifts in industries. It is divided into three sections: organisational culture, workday —during the day—, and shift and night work. It counts with proposals coming from three axes, mainly: compatibility of different time uses, efficiency and productivity, and health. Items concerning organisational culture and daytime work are the result of TUI’s predecessor organisation, the Initiative for Time Use Reform (“Iniciativa per la Reforma Horària”) working with the industrial sector. Specifically, it is based on 2015 pilot tests, which involved AEBALL/UPBALL (regional businesses’ association), when the Catalan Inventory for the Time Reform (“Inventari per la Reforma Horària”) emerged.

The proposed measures for shift and night work are the result of:

  • On the one hand, of contributions from experts in different areas (circadian rhythms, sleep medicine, organisation of working time, prevention of occupational risks…). They included recent discoveries in Chronobiology and sleep medicine.
  • On the other, of the participating companies, which have contributed to the tool’s validity and applicability. It must be taken into account that some of these practices are pioneering experiences in the industrial field, 

The final product of the study was a series of proposals aimed at being a starting point, making possible a list of good practices aimed at helping organisations to reflect and rethink their current time organisation. They provide indications and opportunities for improvement with specific measures to be implemented — always taking into account the reality of each company. Under no circumstance such proposals are intended to control companies’ time management and organisation, nor they are rigid models to be implemented. They are an open, flexible and realistic proposal for organisations to improve their competitiveness and also the health and quality of life of their teams.

Self-diagnosis tool

Below you can find a self-diagnosis tool for rotation and night shifts — aimed at promoting a healthier, more efficient working time organisation. They are only available in Catalan, and can be downloaded here.

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