Metropolitan Agreement for the Right to Time

The Metropolitan Agreement for the Right to Time (“Pacte metropolità pel Dret al Temps”) is the framework used byr the Barcelona Metropolitan Area to develop time policies at the metropolitan level. Approved in 2023 after a year of consensus-building, it includes a set of proposals for actions and commitments that both the Barcelona Metropolitan Area and metropolitan municipalities would like to promote in the upcoming years. Its final aim is to be used as framework agreement and governance tool addressing time in its metropolitan dimension, contributing to the creation of a healthier, more equal, more cohesive, and more sustainable society where life quality is higher.

The Agreement is governed by the Municipal Board, which includes all City Councils promoting time policies within the Barcelona Metropolitan Area. Together, governments from all parties come together to work towards key elements included in the agreement:

  • They way citizens live and are transported within the region — considering how new employment patterns and changes in the ways of life affect time use distribution.
  • Implementation and promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially those where time is an improving element.
  • Recuction of differences that still exist between men and women.

Agreement's full text

The Agreement is available on-line, with versions in Catalan and Spanish.

​​TUI's role

​​The TUI acts as the technical Secretariat of the Metropolitan Agreement for the Right to Time. It advises the Barcelona Metropolitan Area on the better way to implement time policies at the metropolitan level, and it promotes its work internationally. The TUI also steers the Municipal Board meetings, and it offers advise and mentoring on local time policies to metropolitan municipalities.

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