Catalan Network for the Right to Time

The Catalan Network for the Right to Time (Xarxa Catalana pel Dret al Temps) aims at implementing a more balanced, fairer time organisation in Catalonia. It is a meeting point for companies, organisations, social actors, institutions, experts, and researchers from all over the region committed to changing time uses. Its objective is to create and share knowledge related to time organisation with a gender perspective, adapted to each of the three sectors it works with: social and productive agents, local and county governments, and research. Moreover, its mission also includes favouring experience exchange on social transformation, as well as promoting collaboration between key Catalan agents for granting the right to time for all citizens.

The Catalan Network for the Right to Time is aimed at fulfilling those objectives by:

  • Gathering, recognising, and promoting the tasks of all agents committed to the right to time within Catalonia.
  • Encouraging the implementation of specific measures in time organisation with a gender perspective, both inside companies and organisations, and at the local level — promoting “time agreements” as the basic tool for doing so.
  • Creating, exchanging, and disseminating knowledge, experiences, and good practices in time organisation through actions such as conferences and trainings for both a broader or specific audience.
  • Connecting research on time use in Catalonia with public policies.

​​BTUI's role

​The BTUI is one of the Network’s Board members, as well as a founding organisation, and it is committed towards sharing its experience on time policies with all participant institutions. It currently holds the technical Secretariat of the Network, with the role of steering its activities and adivising the Catalan Government on the different activities it envisages for the Network.

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