Barcelona Time Agreement

The Barcelona Time Agreement is a framework for time organisation within the city of Barcelona. It promotes actions for allowing people to organise the different times in which they live their daily life according to their needs, and taking into consideration the collective coexistence within the city. Such a framework includes the Barcelona City Council, social and economic partners (companies, associations, foundations, social agents, professional associations, networks, groups, etc), and individuals working together towards a more egalitarian, more sustainable, more efficient, and healthier social organisation of time.

​The Barcelona Time Agreement is intended to contribute to:

  • Build a time of the city that is coordinated with its citizen’s daily life and guarantees the city’s coexistence. Such objectives should also strengthen the city’s social cohesion, and encourage social participation of citizens.
  • Promote a conception of time organisation as a civic right, with its basis in the protection and promotion of health and intersectional gender equality, so citizens’ well-being can be increased.
  • Promote a new time culture in organisations based on more efficient models that are, at the same time, respectful towards people’s life. At the same time, it should lead to more satisfying organisational results that foster sustainable development and gender equality.

​​Guiding principles

​​TUI's role in the Time Agreement

​​The TUI acts as the technical Office for the Barcelona Time Agreement. By offering its technical experience on time policies, including its international perspective, the Time Agreement can be further promoted, and time organisation can be better implemented within the city.

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