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Reconciliation Measures for Citizen Participation

Promoting measures to support work-life balance and allow effective citizen participation.

Catalan Government
Regional policy


  • Make citizen participation more inclusive.
  • Promote gender mainstreaming.
  • Improve people’s work-life balance.


Including diverse profiles and visions at every stage of the public policy cycle (design, execution, monitoring, evaluation) is essential to ensuring quality citizen participation. In this regard, two of the main objectives of citizens’ participation policies include:

  • Make public policy more effective by including a diversity of citizens’ opinions.
  • Improve our democratic institutions by incorporating voices lacking access to other channels of communication with the administration.

Removing obstacles to people’s right to participate must be at the center of any citizen participation policy. Today, one of the most flagrant shortcomings of participation mechanisms is that administrations are unable to reach groups who are less inclined to participate like young people, the elderly, or people born outside Catalonia. Measures to improve people’s work-life balance are part of the response to this challenge.


Political reconciliation measures are divided into:

  • Legislative mandates: the new Catalan Law on citizen participation aims to systematically help people to reconcile their personal, professional, and political life. Participation methods incorporate measures like work permits and flexibility, care services, multiple schedules and participation channels, and monetary compensation.
  • Measures within specific frameworks: the Catalan Climate Citizen Assembly is currently testing a public childcare service. If successful, the measure will be extended to other participation mechanisms in collaboration with the Catalan Department for Equality and Feminisms.
  • Dissemination: a new Guide for Gender Mainstreaming in Participatory Processes includes recommendations on time for participation.


  • Coordination with other departments of the Catalan Government.
  • Consultation with outside experts.
  • Training for participation teams and driver companies.
  • Overcoming bureaucratic inflexibility hindering new forms of citizen participation.


  • Increase in driver companies and public personnel trained in citizen participation.
  • Approval of law and reconciliation measures.
  • Childcare services included in participative processes.

Laura Suñé


Deputy Director for Citizen Participation

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