The TUI is committed towards the promotion of time policies and the right to time around the world, in public and private institutions. In order to do so, it works side by side with some other like-minded organisations and institutions. Together, they are building up working networks that share its same commitment towards organising time in different areas.

International Association for Time Use Research

The International Association for Time Use Research (IATUR) is an international research group, formed by researchers from different universities, that has time as its main research interest. It facilitates exchange of ideas, methodologies, and data collection techniques among researchers and compilers of official statistics regarding daily activity patterns and changes in people’s behaviour over time.

IATUR maintains the Electronic International Journal of Time Use Research (eIJTUR), and sponsors an annual conference for time use researchers to present their work.

​The BTUI is the Secretariat of IATUR, which has the role of steering its communications — promoting awareness on time use research from IATUR’s publications.

International Alliance for Natural Time

The International Alliance for Natural Time advocates for a permanent, worldwide observation of natural time, facilitated by geographically appropriate, sun-based time zones. History and a growing body of scientific evidence show such an approach is essential for health, safety, education, work, economy, environment, and human rights. The IANT is composed by organisations from all over the world.


Local and Regional Time Governments Network

The Local and Regional Governments TIME Network is a meeting point aimed at exchanging and promoting implementable time policies produced at the local and regional level. It is composed by municipalities, metropolises, and other local and regional governments committed with time organisation as a way to improve their society’s equality, sustainability, efficiency, and health.

​The BTUI is the current Secretariat of the Network, and fosters its activity by being guided by four principles: 1) sharing knowledge, 2) developing the Local and Regional Time Agenda, 3) promoting the right to time, and 4) enhancing the Network.

Catalan Network for the Right to Time

The Catalan Network for the Right to Time (Xarxa Catalana pel Dret al Temps) aims at implementing a more balanced, fairer time organisation throughout Catalonia. It is a meeting point for companies, organisations, social actors, institutions, experts, and researcher from all over the region committed to changing time uses. Its objective is to implement specific policies that promote the right to time for all citizens.

​The BTUI is one of the Network’s Board members, as well as a founding organisation, and it is committed towards sharing its experience on time policies with all participant institutions.

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