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Framework Agreement to Dynamize Participatory Processes

Childcare provision and adapted event schedules and participation processes.

Barcelona City Council
Local policy


Remove obstacles to equal participation in Barcelona City Council-backed participatory processes by ensuring that these:

  • Take place at times that make it possible for participants to balance personal, family and work life co-responsibly.
  • Include spaces for childcare.


Participation presents patterns of intersectional gender inequality. Due to their workload, female workers face many more challenges reconciling social participation with daily life. For this reason, recent years’ efforts have focused on including women’s voices, needs, and proposals in the institutional spaces of the Barcelona City Council.

In fact, mainstreaming gender in participatory processes and eliminating obstacles to women’s participation in institutions are longstanding priorities, as participation and gender policies attest. Indeed, co-production processes including women’s entities, criteria, and gender actions increased from 2.9% to 66.7% from 2017 to 2020.

In this context, care services and adapted schedules are necessary to ensuring that women are present in participatory processes.


The new framework agreement sets out procedural and execution conditions for how participatory processes are designed, and integrates specific strategies to incorporate women, people of diverse cultural backgrounds and ages, and individuals with functional diversity. Dynamic participatory processes remove obstacles to equal participation by:

  • Taking place at times allowing people to balance personal, family, and work life co-responsibly.
  • Setting aside at least 5% of budgets for accessibility services and childcare.


  • Care services must be included in dynamic participatory processes.
  • Work-life balance and time uses must play a key role in removing obstacles to participation.


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Manel Punsoda


Director for Active Democracy Services

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