Local and Regional Governments Time Network

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The Network is the unique worldwide association of cities and regions that promote and implement time policies. It is composed by local and regional governments committed to time reorganisation to improve their citizens' life and ensure the right to time.

Governance and membership

The Network has a membership base composed by cities, metropolises, and regions from all over the world. They share a common objective towards developing time policies and sharing knowledge amongst each other to improve.

Projects and knowledge exchange

The Network works as a meeting point for governments all over the world, in order to exchange experiences and learn, as well as to foster time policies. In order to do that, the Network executes specific projects and organises events. It has also created the World Capital of Time Policies, as a recognition towards governments committed to implement them.

Knowledge creation

The Network creates its own knowledge through the contributions of all its members. Specifically, it compiles good practices all around the world, both in a digital database and through specific publications per topic, under the name Local and Regional Time Agenda.

Practical information on joining the Network as a new member

In order to join the Network, the applicant institution, be it city councils, metropolitan areas, or regional governments worldwide, should demonstrate that they are implementing time policies, or they have the will to implement time policies in their government plan. The process requires filling in a quick form with key information. The membership is currently free.

In order for the decision to be taken at the appropriate level within the institution, there is a brochure with information on the Network available for being downloaded.

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