The Local and Regional Governments TIME Network is a meeting point aimed at exchanging and promoting implementable time policies produced at the local and regional level. It is composed by municipalities, metropolises, and other local and regional governments committed with time organisation as a way to improve their society’s equality, sustainability, efficiency, and health. The Network awards every year one of its members for its commitment towards time policies with the World Capital of Time Policies. Such an initiative can be used for promoting time policies in the awarded city, metropolis, or region taking into consideration its context but with an international scope.

​The BTUI is the current Secretariat of the Network, and fosters its activity by being guided by four principles: 1) sharing knowledge, 2) developing the Local and Regional Time Agenda, 3) promoting the right to time, and 4) enhancing the Network.


The Network has a membership base composed by cities, metropolises, and regions from all over the world. They share a common objective towards developing time policies, and for doing so the Network has a structure and the World Capital of Time Policies recognition. Currently, the Network is funded by the “Time4All” project, part of the European Union Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values (CERV) Programme.


The Network is a meeting point for exchanging proven practices on time organisation at local or regional contexts. In order to succeed in such an objective, the Secretariat is responsible for publishing a compilation of local and regional time policies that are already improving social time uses. It also promotes events that are a way for cities, metropolises, and regions to share their experiences in specific topics.

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