Summer School of Time

The Summer School of Time is the first European training programme on time policies, an instrument that institutions can use to tackle time unrest (including time poverty). They aim at transforming the 21st-Century society in order to make it more egalitarian, more efficient, more sustainable, and healthier. The School offers two different formats to facilitate participants’ engagement: the on-line Citizen’s Summer School (10-12th June), and the on-site Public Officials Summer School (13-14th June).

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Smart City Expo World Congress: Transforming Time Uses in Our Cities

Urban policies do not usually include time use as a key factor, and yet cities are constantly trying to influence it. By adding new and faster mobility routes, providing childcare that saves time to caregivers, or applying the famous 15-minute city concept which connects time and space, cities change the everyday life of their citizens. Time policies allow cities to innovate by placing time at the centre of the urban agenda.

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Time Use Week 2023

The Time Use Week is the international event for promoting knowledge and inspiration cases on time policies. Researchers, political institutions, social organisations, and citizens from all over the world participate and push the debate, advocating from their different fields of expertise, towards a better social time organisation. The upcoming tenth edition will take place between October 16th and 20th in Barcelona, under the motto “Towards a new time balance”.

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