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Time Use Week’s tenth edition will discuss how to achieve a new time balance

Catalonia will be the meeting place where international representatives from municipalities, regions, international organisations, social and productive agents, and the research community will reflect on how to achieve the right to time. The conferences will be held between 16th and 20th October, highlighting the thematic days dedicated to the right to time and the role of local governments when implementing it (17th October), and on the future of working time (18th October). In preparation for the 2024 European Parliament elections, on 27th October a debate will be held with representatives of the European Parliament on how the right to time is to be placed on European Union’s agenda.

time policies brussels urban summit

The Time Use Initiative delivered a workshop on time policies at the Brussels Urban Summit 2023

The Time Use Initiative was invited to participate in the Brussels Urban Summit (BUS) 2023, one of the biggest events that bring together international city officers and political representatives to exchange ideas and set priorities for sustainable, affordable, and liveable cities. Although previously unknown, digitalization of municipal services and mobility policies were the ones most commonly identified as time policies by public officials at the Summit.

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