Time Use Week’s tenth edition will discuss how to achieve a new time balance

Catalonia will be the meeting place where international representatives from municipalities, regions, international organisations, social and productive agents, and the research community will reflect on how to achieve the right to time. The conferences will be held between 16th and 20th October, highlighting the thematic days dedicated to the right to time and the role of local governments when implementing it (17th October), and on the future of working time (18th October). In preparation for the 2024 European Parliament elections, on 27th October a debate will be held with representatives of the European Parliament on how the right to time is to be placed on European Union's agenda.
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A new edition of the Time Use Week will be held in October. The upcoming tenth edition, under the title “For a new balance of time”, will seek to stimulate the discussion on time organisation at the international level.

Using the work on time policies by different institutions, such as the Catalan ones, specific conclusions on what is needed to define a new time balance in different contexts of the world will be discussed. Using experiences such as the Catalan Network for Law in Time, by the Catalan Government; the NUST Network – Company Network for a new working time, by the Barcelona City Council; the Metropolitan Agreement on the Right to Time, by the Barcelona Metropolitan Area; the project for the promotion of caring municipalities, of the Barcelona Provincial Council, or the work done by the Time Use Initiative will be some of the examples discussed.

Time Use Week’s 2023 edition will have the participation of more than 60 speakers from different fields related with time policies, coming from Europe and Latin America: representatives from international organisations such as Raquel Coello, from UN Women Latin America; Lucía Scuro, from the Economic Commission for Latin America (CEPAL), and Martine Humblet, from the International Labour Organisation (ILO); and representatives of European institutions and organisations, such as Nathalie Sarrabezolles, from the Committee of the Regions; and Antonella Valmorbida, from the European Association for Local Democracy (ALDA). It will also include the participation of representatives of social and productive agents, such as labour unions or company organisations, and will include elected representatives from the institutions that promote Time Use Week and time policies in Catalonia: the Catalan Government, Barcelona City Council, Barcelona Metropolitan Area and Barcelona Provincial Council.

Registrations are open for on-line and on-site participation

Time Use Week 2023 will be held in a hybrid format: on-site in Barcelona, at the Paranimf de l’Escola Industrial, and virtually. Days will have a specific them each, and different aspects will be debated in order to create a holistic view of the proposed new time balance:

  • On Monday 16th, the Catalan Network for the Right to Time will hold its first Plenary and General Meeting with all the adhered organisations, more than 150 at this stage —representing social and productive organisation, local institutions, and the academia specialised in time use research in Catalonia. In addition, representatives of the organising institutions will be present for the official opening of the week.
  • On Tuesday 17th, conceptual discussions and practical workshops will be held on the right to time and its impact on different areas of public policy. The debate on the right to time will be open to all participants, with particular emphasis on international organisations and people representing local and regional governments. The Local and Regional Governments Time Network will hold its General Assembly in the afternoon, presenting the Network’s main innovations and activities.
  • Wednesday 18th will be devoted to proposals on the future of working time, where a conceptual document on new working times will be discussed and presented in sessions that will include the most relevant social and productive agents.
  • Thursday 19th and Friday 20th will focus on decentralised events and workshops throughout Catalonia, encouraging civil society organisations and territorial representatives to participate in time organisation. Among other activities, there will be trainings for elected representatives on time policies and how to apply them at their municipalities.
  • Friday 27th will be devoted to presenting and debating a European Manifesto on the Right to Time, which aims to place such a new civic right at the EU level, in preparation of European Parliament elections in 2024. It will involve MEPs from the different political families represented at the European Parliament.

The Catalan Government , Barcelona City Council, Barcelona Provincial Council, Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB) and the Time Use Initiative (TUI) are promoters of Time Use Week 2023.

Registrations are open here.

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