Milan City Council


Their good practices

During the pandemic, Milan City Hall began accelerating existing efforts to help city employees balance work and personal time. Thanks to recent provisions in Italian law, the Administration has been able to deploy a vast project (POLA – Piano Organizzativo del Lavoro Agile) of home or remote working (known locally as “smart” working) for its workforce.
A wide-ranging remote working plan was implemented by Milan City Hall in 2021 through the Smart-working Organisation Plan (Piano Organizzativo Lavoro Agile, POLA). It met with considerable success and helped to decongest traffic and make working spaces less crowded. However, not all City Hall employees find the best working conditions at home, as they often lack the necessary space and circumstances to make the most of this opportunity. In September 2021 Milan City Hall arranged to make eight of its workplaces available to near workers not normally employed there.
Closer to Citizens: Anti-Heat and Loneliness Plan
One of the key objectives is to strengthen, particularly in summer months, existing year-round social and home policy assistance for people assisted by the Social Services of the Municipality of Milan. It aims to extend aid activities to a wider range of citizens who, in summer, face increased challenges obtaining support from family members and caregivers. It also seeks to integrate Social Services Access Points to make it easier for fragile citizens and their families to be attended and oriented to services and resources in the area. It strives to offer short and emergency interventions and to support work-life balance for families of elderly citizens and of people with disabilities and/or in situations of fragility. It aims to organise a communication system for monitoring weather conditions to help prevent the effects of heat waves, and to draw up a list of referrals to competent health authorities (ATS) to define individuals' degree of frailty and health risks.
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