Updates on the IATUR Board

The co-coordinators of Barcelona Time Use Initiative will join as secretaries

In the IATUR (International Association for Time Use Research) General Assembly, that took place on the 29th of Oc


tober 2021, it was proposed that Mrs. Ariadna Güell will take the position of IATUR secretary along with Mrs. Marta Junqué who will act as co-secretary.


Although they are not researchers, they are key person on time use field. From 2019, they are co-coordinators of the Barcelona Time Use Initiative, and they were in charge of organizing the Time Use Week 2020 and 2021 and key persons in the organization of this year’s IATUR congress.


The current Board is composed by Prof. Ignace Glorieux (Belgium), who will continue as a President of IATUR, together with Prof. Ki-Soo Eun (Korea) and Prof. Liana Sayer(USA), acting as vice-presidents. Theun Pieter van Tienoven (Belgium) and Joeri Minnen (Belgium) will act as treasurer and co-treasurer.


The objective of the new Board is being the main world-wide organisation promoting time use research and link it with more practical implications.


In the IATUR General Assembly was approved that the 44th IATUR Congress will take place in Canada.

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