The Catalan joint strategy for promoting time policies has been renewed

As part of the Barcelona Declaration on Time Policies strategy towards granting the right to time, the Barcelona Time Use Initiative for a Healthy Society (BTUI) has been working with Catalan institutions towards promoting time policies all over Catalonia.


The region’s main institutions (the Catalan Government, the Barcelona City Council, the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, and the Province of Barcelona) are the main stakeholders of a new, common strategy for the period 2022-2023 agreed with the BTUI. Such a framework aims at highlighting public policies related with time uses implemented at different governance levels with the objective of improving the Catalan society’s time organisation.


It has three main objectives, based on:

  1. Consolidating the Time Use Week as an international meeting point of time policies, linking the work done by social actors, institutions, research, and citizenry.

  2. Promoting time policies in order to bring solutions to the current care, climate, and economic crises by promoting policies’ exchange by the Local and Regional Governments TIME Network.

  3. Promoting and implementing the Barcelona Declaration on Time Policies, which has been signed by more than 100 international actors.

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