The Barcelona Time Use Initiative takes part in Lleida’s Time Agreement assessment

The Time Agreement is carrying out activities within the framework of the Lleida's Network for the Time Agreement, composed by 16 local organisations and companies. It has carried out 40 activities affecting trade, consumption and restoration, the productive sector, municipal services, and educational leisure.
jornada seguiment pacte del temps de lleida
In 2021, Lleida’s City Council re-committed towards time organisation and schedules’ rationalisation within the Time Agreement framework.  Today, activities undertaken under the Agreement were assessed. The event counted with the participation of Miquel Pueyo, mayor of Lleida, and Marta Gispert, local councillor for Consumption, Trade, Markets, and Participation.
Lleida’s Time Agreement was publicly presented last October in the form of a local Network, gathering 16 organisations and companies from the city. Since then, it has worked on a sectoral basis towards 2021 objectives in themes such as trade, consumption and restoration, productive sector, municipal services, and educational leisure.
Xavier Peralta, consulting partner at the consulting company In Time, has presented a survey on commerce and consumer habits, in which professionals and consumers are questioned about the level of knowledge they have about time organisation. The study shows that 86% of shops and 84% of consumers say that they consider it right that shops should close at 19 h. On another level, 93% of people and 88% of shopkeepers also agree that changing times allow for more physical and emotional well-being. The survey concludes that companies and consumers agree on the need to organise time, but differ from the when to address such consumption habits.
“If we want to promote and be part of a healthy society at all levels, we must turn the clock in favour of people’s quality of life,” said Miquel Pueyo, mayor of Lleida.
“Time is not an individual problem, but a collective one, for the whole of society,” explained Ariadna Güell, co-coordinator of the BTUI. “We aim at seeing many cities to take forward measurea such as Lleida’s Time Agreement, and change the time culture.”
Measures implemented within the Lleida's Time Agreement framework

The 16 Network organisations have proposed 40 inspiration practices in relation with time organisation. Lleida’s City Council implemented 24 measures ranging from the consolidation of e-administration to tools that improve time and care quality. The number of events and meetings that are organised late in the afternoon has also been limited; and the hours of night concerts have been put earlier. All schedules for activities involving children have also been rethought.

The Temps x Tu project, a free day-to-day childcare service that seeks to promote family and work reconciliation, has been launched. The OAC360 Social service has been started, with the opening of a new communication channel via Whatsapp. Changes have been made to kindergarten schedules, the ending time for all activities carried out in the Women’s House was advanced, and educational leisure centres are now open during holidays.

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