Upcoming time policies events in 2023

Time organisation is beginning to be put at the centre of the political agenda, and time policies are attracting the interest from a myriad of actors from all over the world. During 2023, there will be new milestones for advancing in understanding how social time use affects our societies, and what can be done on the issue by different stakeholders.

​For now, the confirmed events can be found below. More information will be coming very soon, so if you are interested in taking part in any of them, stay tuned to our newsletter!


  • 3/3/23 – Spanish Meeting on Time Use Research.
  • Public presentation of the conclusions on the 1st Ibero-American Time Use Week.
  • Hand over of the Capital of Time Policies, from Barcelona to Bolzano.


  • 20/04/23 – Public presentation of topic 2 for the Local and Regional Time Agenda on mobility, sustainability, and time.


  • Inauguration of Bolzano’s Capital on Time Policies.


  • 2nd Ibero-American Time Use Week (II Semana Iberoamericana de los Horarios y el Tiempo), the regional forum on time policies in Latin America.


  • 16-20/10/23 – Time Use Week 2023 on the topic of future of work.


  • 28-30/11/23 – 45th IATUR (International Alliance for Time Use Research) Congress
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