The newsletter “Barcelona on time” has been launched, compiling everything there is to know about time policies in the city of Barcelona

A newsletter with information about events, interviews, and much more information about time policies has just been launched by the city's Time Agreement.
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The Barcelona Time Use Initiative is part of the Barcelona Time Agreement, a city agreement to move towards a new time organisation that is healthier, egalitarian, more efficient, and more sustainable. The Time Agreement, and the entities and organisations of which it is composed, have been promoting initiatives and proposals in such a direction for years, and the objective for 2023 is for the Agreement to take a step further.

“Barcelona on time” is an initiative of the Barcelona City Council’s Time Agreement, and it was created in order to consolidate time as a civic right — putting it forward as one of the pivotal objectives in the city’s agenda. Such a newsletter, which will be released quarterly, is aimed at citizens and the different social, economic, and political actors in the city. It will include up-to-date, innovative, exclusive, and relevant information on the various events, and projects related to time organisation promoted in the city of Barcelona.

Newsletter’s content

The newsletter will include major developments related to time policies, interviews with key people, and the upcoming events, in order to be always up-to-date. The news, written in an executive format, will collect the most interesting and highlighted news happening in the city regarding time use. Moreover, it will also include Catalan and international projects, studies or other information that may be of interest.

The interviews will include keynotes and witnesses by high profiles on the topic, both nationally and internationally, as well as experiences by organisations and companies that compose the Time Agreement.

The events’ agenda will include everything organised within the Agreement’s framework, as well as the Barcelona City Council activities related to time policies. It will also collect those events related to the various strategic axes of the Agreement promoting a healthier, egalitarian, efficient and sustainable time organisation.

Any interested person can sign up to the newsletter in English here.

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