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Teleworking Away from Home

Teleworking solutions away from home for a better reconciliation of time in daily life.


Enable workers to better reconcile personal and professional life by offering an alternative to home-based teleworking with a dedicated workspace outside the home, while promoting sociability and tackling mobility and vehicle congestion, particularly at rush hour.


Since 2019, the Bureau des temps has organised telework meetings with companies to raise awareness and support them through work-related mobility changes.

A study in 2020 revealed an appetite for teleworking among employees, albeit with certain risks (isolation, lack of separation between personal and professional life, etc.), and highlighted a lack of awareness of co-working spaces.


A network of co-working spaces has been formed and a website, “Bureaux à rallonge”, has been created to promote telework in co-working spaces among companies and employees. In parallel, trials have involved a telework spot that gives employees the chance to telework during rush hour in a public space (media library, etc.), thus doing away with commutes without modifying working hours.

“À la bonne heure !”, a collaborative application, was created to complete those actions. Employees use the app to enter their office arrival and departure times, which makes it possible to identify peak hours and avoid them, in particular by teleworking during peak hours.


  • Mobilisation of local players: companies, coworking spaces (public and private) municipalities of the metropolis, internal services, etc.
  • Offering several alternatives to employees who have the possibility of doing so, decongesting traffic routes for those who are constrained by their schedules
  • Methodology: Survey, animated meetings, experiments co-created with stakeholders, various communication tools (website, practical sheets, etc.), collaborative build of “Bureaux à rallonge” website with co-working space


Actions and experiments in progress:

  • 43 co-working spaces identified in urban and rural territories, inside and around the metropolis
  • Development of joint actions by coworking spaces to promote their visibility and energise their networks
  • Actions and experiments in progress, results forthcoming



Bureau des temps de Rennes Ville et Métropole

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