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Neighbourhood Concierge Service

Facilitate everyday life in a deprived and under-serviced neighbourhood.

Strasbourg City Council
Local policy


  • Meet the expectations of the inhabitants and the needs of the Ampère area
  • Reflect the will of Strasbourg city and eurometropolis to develop neighbourhood concierge services by supporting a pilot version in the priority neighbourhood in the city of Ampère



Addressing a lack of services in working-class neighbourhoods, the project to develop neighbourhood concierge services aims to:

  • Strengthen social bonds through the development of a local service offer
  • Combat isolation by improving residents’ living environment
  • Enlist SSE actors to restore territorial equity
  • Help develop and revitalise working-class neighbourhoods


Concierge services, in the general sense, are structures that act as interfaces between clients and service providers, offering services that make life easier, save time and improve the quality of life. Their particular form varies depending on whether they serve individuals in a business, third place or neighbourhood. However, all have one thing in common: centralised demand and supply. In weakened neighbourhoods, where the supply of private and sometimes public services is declining, residents express a strong need for basic necessities, particularly food and local services: the neighbourhood concierge service therefore helps revitalise areas and make them more attractive by providing solutions to resident needs.

A neighbourhood conciergerie is a central and unifying open space that offers new services for free or at discounted rates and makes it possible to:

– create endogenous economic activity in priority neighbourhoods (QPVs) and develop professional integration;

– connect inhabitants:

o through gift for gift, skills exchange, conviviality, citizen participation, activities; o to local services (post office, bread depot, mobility support, etc.) and to other cultural, sports and artistic venues, etc;

o to sustainable development activities and events (social and solidarity economy, object recycling, education on the environment and eating well, etc.)

Concierge directors are caretakers, and they play a pivotal role. They are in charge of the duty roster and handle requests from listed service providers. They ensure customer relations and organise daily operations at the centre (welcoming residents, managing reservations and receipts, managing relations with service providers). They take on various roles: manager, logistician, social facilitator, mediator, etc.


  • Evolving range of services adapts to emerging needs and will be expanded in the coming weeks (bicycle hire and maintenance, bulk food products, etc.). These services will be provided in close partnership with local actors, mainly from the SSE sector.
  • Workshops will be created on different subjects based on the wishes expressed by inhabitants: sewing, DIY, digital, sport, recycling, environmental actions, etc.
  • Since opening, the concierge service has been very busy. Many residents have already visited this friendly place.
  • Caretakers are ideally residents, and place of residence is a criterion in hiring.


Development perspectives of the network of concierge services:

  • The Ampère pilot initiative helps to develop a public policy relating to the provision of local services.
  • Other applicant neighbourhoods will be part of the next wave of development of this network, including the priority neighbourhoods (QPVs) of Quartiers Ouest in Schiltigheim/Bischheim. To do this, the local authority has turned to a State aid scheme –the Service of General Economic Interest (SIEG)– that allows it to make substantial financial contributions, in line with its ambitions. With this legal tool, ambitious projects can be deployed that reconcile economic development and general interest.
  • Next steps :
    • 2nd half of 2021: legal support to develop the emergence process; launch of a call for expressions of interest to select project leaders in the other territories.
    • 2022: opening of one



Project Manager in charge of the Time Office

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