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Cambio: The Biciplan Project

Sustainable development project integrating environmental protection, security, economic development, and welfare.

Milan Metropolitan Area
Local policy


  • Develop policies of sustainability through integrated bike trails in the metropolitan and municipal area.
  • Identify guidelines describing the near-future vision and objectives to develop bike trails, starting with local potential and mobility demands.
  • Promote cycling as a healthy and sustainable way to go to work, school, and anywhere one wishes.


Milan is the right place to imagine and build the future of mobility. We live in very populated areas, and congestion is restrictive both within the city of
Milan and on travel routes between municipalities — relatively short lines accommodating more than 1,000 trips every day.

Whether for work or other needs, people move for different reasons every day. We promote and develop cycle paths helps people to get to their destination, and to do so quickly and safely.

The Cambio cycling trail allows people to travel to and from city centres with connected bike lanes across the entire metropolitan area. These lanes are
designed for heavy traffic by bikes (electric ones as well), high cruise speed, and average daily trips of between 5 and 15 km.

The Cambio project renders daily cycling sustainable and makes it the most obvious mobility choice for everyone, every day.


Cambio introduces cycling for the eco-friendly development of Milan. Its integrated approach considers environmental protection, safety, economic growth and global welfare.

Cambio allows us to accommodate 80% of interest travel in the area with bike lane networks, including circular and radial lines.


Its integrated approach and eco-friendly effects make Cambio innovative. Cycling, whatever the motivation, makes our habits more sustainable and our lives better.


Our expectations: 24 lines; 4 circular lines; 16 radial lines; 4 green ways; 750 km of infrastructure.

Travel coverage: 80% of interest travel can be found within one kilometre of a line. The territory covered by 24 Cambio lines is full of schools, businesses, hospitals, and interchange spaces with local public transport.



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