For a healthy time use during COVID19 crisis

From the Barcelona Time Use Initiative for a Healthy Society we are launching the first international time use campaign.

It is a small campaign over social networks releasing some recommendations regarding time use, now that we are all at home and need to rethink our habits. The hashtag is #HealthyTimeUse and we are releasing it in Catalan, Spanish and English through our Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Our aim is to give daily specific recommendations grouped under three concepts: discover your circadian rhythm, organize your time and share quality time and complement the messages with short videos of experts and organizations giving recommendations or explaining what are they doing to confront the crisis in terms of time use. The videos with the campaign messages and the experts tips will all be available at our YouTube channel.

Here you are all the reccomendations; please help us to spread the word for a healthy time use now and after the COVID19 lockdown!

Discover your circadian rhythm. Respect your internal clock, improve your health

  1. The body has an internal clock that must be respected, and that, synchronized with the solar time, makes a better day. Keep a regular Schedule.
  2. Experiment during lockdown. Increase time for rest. Advance bedtime and avoid heavy light and digital devices at that time.
  3. Experiment during lockdown. Expose yourself to as much of natural light as possible in the morning.  Open the windows and breathe fresh air daily.
  4. To promote a healthier lifestyle, exercise regularly and preferably at the same time of the day.
  5. Experiment during lockdown. Advance your meal hours, both lunch and dinner. 

Organize your time. Experiment a new time culture

  1. It’s a good time to push for a new time culture, less on-site  presence focused and more flexible and efficient.
  2. Analyze time thieves, plan appropriately, make sure the meetings are concrete and productive. Don’t fall in a new version of on-site physical presence based work.
  3. Make a more rational distribution of daily life time. Spend enough time taking care of yourself and others.
  4. Increase the productivity of working hours – often less is more. Find the time of day where you are most productive and take advantage of it; it is usually in the morning when we have more cognitive capacity and better memory.

Share quality time. Take advantage of the lockdown to enjoy  little things

  1.  Evaluate and optimize the use of digital tools and practice digital disconnection, especially at night time.
  2. Experiment during lockdown. Now more than ever you must be responsible at  home. Empathize and put yourself in the place of others, sharing the housework and caring for one another.
  3. Facilitate the creation of moments to share feelings and experiences with your home’s cohabitants.
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