Building the Global Time Use Expert Lab

The Barcelona Time Use for a Healthy Society has the goal to become a platform for meeting and discussion between people from different disciplines and activities, in order to create consensus around time policies. To advance towards this goal, an Expert Lab has been created. This meeting space for researchers, experts and activists in time use policies will enhance the scientific and political discussion on time use and guide future lines of research.

For this reason, the BTUI is contacting prominent people in the field of research and activism on time use, with well-known international expertise, activities related and involvement in the community around time use. Until now, 5 referents have already agreed to be part of the Expert Lab: Carl Honoré, spokesman for the Slow movement; Till Roenneberg, well-known chronobiologist and current president of the World Federation of Societies for Chronobiology; Jean-Yves Boulin, sociologist at Dauphine University in Paris and involved in the Tempo Territorial network and Ticia Luengo Hendriks, co-founder of the Platform Betere Tijden and advocate for healthier time use and the end of DST clock changes

A round of contacts with Catalan and Spanish experts who have worked with the Time Use Reform Initiative has already begun, in order to enrich the Expert Lab with their knowledge.

The BTUI asks those experts or researchers in time use or who have suggestions from people who might be interested in being part of the Expert Lab to contact via email 

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