20 international experts and organizations participate in the Barcelona Time Use Initiative campaign

The Barcelona Time Use Initiative for a Healthy Society, which aims to place time use factor at the center of economic and social policies so to achieve a healthy society.

Has launched the first international campaign for a healthy use of time and healthy schedules during COVID-19  lockdown.

This is an innovative local and international campaign where specific recommendations are given daily through social media for a healthy use of time, facing the challenge of everyone being home as an opportunity to rethink work habits, daily life schedules and time management. The adaptation to a new context can help to propose a new time organization for all the citizens. The recommendations are gathered under three key concepts: discover your circadian rhythm, organize your time, and share quality time.

The hashtags are #HealthyTimeUse and #HorarisSaludables and it spreads in Catalan, Spanish and English through our accounts in Twitter i Facebook and the BCN Time Use Initiative YouTube channel, where you can find all the messages and videos of the campaign

We shall remark the participation in the campaign of 20 experts and representatives of organizations and institutions from all over the world, such as Carl Honoré, voice of the Slow Movement; Ignace Glorieux, President of the International Association for Time Use Research (IATUR); Jorge Rosales of the Center for Economics and Social Policies of Santiago de Chile; the social psychologist and general manager of Barcelona City Council Sara Berbel; Alexis Serra, Director of the Office for Time Use Initiative of the Generalitat de Catalunya, as well as companies from the network Xarxa Nust committed to the new time uses, such as Henkel o Mercabarna, who have self made short videos providing recommendations or explaining what they do to deal with the crisis in terms of time use.

The videos, which already have thousands of views today, show how institutions, companies and workers are adapting to the new reality by establishing measures of flexibility and remote work. Some of the tips that stand out are: establishing schedules and routines during lockdown; separating work time from leisure time and time shared with the other home occupants; prioritizing the performance of only one task at a time (and banishing multitasking) and giving a great value to resting time and quality sleep hours, among others.

The Barcelona Time Use for a Healthy Society aims to continue the legacy and experience of the Time Use Initiative (Taula per la Reforma Horària), which accomplished to put the policies of time use on the political agenda of Catalonia. In addition, this initiative pretends to cross borders and drive this change even further, by sharing good practices and projects with other organizations internationally and creating knowledge to promote global change in time management so as to drive better public policies to regulate it.

In this sense, the BTUI will organize the Time Use Week 2020 (7th Timetables Week) from the 23rd to the 29th November this year with the main goal of connecting research on time use with public institutions, international organizations and civil society in general .

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