Ticia Luengo Hendriks

Better time use advocate

Multi-passionate entrepreneur and advocate in a variety of fields including time use, giftedness, children’s rights, and educational reform. She has a background in biology, a Masters in Social & Organisational psychology and 20 years experience in ICT and business consultancy.

Ticia has been a better time use advocate since 2011, when she founded the Dutch branch of Camilla Kring’s B-Society after experiencing the harsh realities of being a night owl (‘B-person’) working parent in our early bird (‘A-person’) society. Broadening the scope, she co-founded Better Times Platform with Conny Bergé in 2015: beteretijden.org

In 2018 they launched the Health Time! initiative for permanent and geographically appropriate time zones in Europe, including a political position paper in 4 languages: gezondtijd.eu.

Collaborating with leading scientists and experts in the field, they united them in the Benelux Alliance for Healthy Time use to help raise social and political awareness on the subject: beteretijden.org/alliantie

In 2020 she co-founded the International Alliance for Natural Time, which unites natural time zone advocates from around the world: naturaltimealliance.org

BTUI’s expertise areas: Social science, Chronobiology, Labour relations, Education, Activism

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