Sara Berbel Sánchez

PhD in Social Psychology, Chief Executive Barcelona City Council

Sara Berbel Sánchez has a PhD in Social Psychology from the UB, and is currently the Chief Executive of Barcelona City Council.

Past roles have included working as Managing Director of Barcelona Activa, Manager for Economic Policy and Local Development at Barcelona City Council, and Managing Director for Equal Opportunities at the Catalan government’s Department of Employment and she has also chaired the Catalan Women’s Institute.

She received the “Alumni Career Award” from the UAB in November 2019 for her defence of social equality. In 2014 she also received the Aspasia Prize for gender fairness. She took part in the International Visitor Leadership Programme in 2012 at the invitation of the US Department of State.

Involved in promoting a healthier, more egalitarian and more efficient system of time management, she was part of the team that pushed for timetable reform in Catalonia and is a member of the Timetable Reform Advisory Council.

BTUI’s expertise areas: Social science, Labour relations, Local policies

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