Oriel Sullivan

Sociologist & Demographer studying inequality & the social experience of time · Social science, Labour relations

Oriel is Professor of Sociology of Gender in the Institute of Social Research, UCL, and Co-Director of the ESRC-funded Centre for Time Use Research, home of the Multinational Time Use Study. She was jointly responsible for the UK 2014-15 Harmonised European Time Use Survey and the UK Millenium Cohort age 14 diary. Recent publications include‘ The social structure of time: emerging trends and new directions’ Annual Review of Sociology 2019 (with B. Cornwell and J. Gershuny). Her research focuses on the analysis of changing gender relations and inequalities, informed by cross-national trends in housework and childcare time. She is author of Changing Gender Relations, Changing Families: Tracing the Pace of Change (Rowman & Littlefield, 2006), an investigation of the (stuttering) trend towards increasing gender equality in the domestic sphere. Recent publications in this area include: ‘Gender inequality in work-family balance’ (invited commentary for Nature Human Behaviour 2019)

BTUI’s expertise areas: Social science

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