Jean-Yves Boulin

Sociologist, specialised on work and employment, time use and regulations issues and on time policies.
Associate researcher IRISSO -University Paris Dauphine

He started working with time issues especially through international comparisons of collective bargaining and regulations. Noting the importance of articulations with other social times, he has looked at the interactions between (evolutive) working time structures on one side and time use issues on the other side. To illustrate he has studied the social impacts of sunday working in France and the USA. He has also noticed the role of the social organisation of time (eg the schedule of public and market services) in the structuration of individuals’time uses. This is what led him to reflect with european colleagues on local time policies. He participated with these colleagues in the dissemination of these policies in France and in other European Countries. Currently he continues to work on these different issues and have undertaken researches on the ways to give more autonomy to individuals to organise their own time structures particularly over their life course.

BTUI’s expertise areas: Social science, Labour relations, Local policies

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