Conny Bergé

Independent expert in public affairs and activist

Since 1968 she has been particularly and consciously working in the non-profit sector, always based on scientific data and supplemented with experiences as manager in the profit sector. From the start in 1968 till the end in 1988, she was active in the national action group MVM (‘Man-Woman-Society’) in various roles, as f.i. leading working groups and board member, lots of successes achieving. One of the goals were better school hours, for the benefit of the children and the life/work-balance of the parents. For that reason, in 1975 Bergé was founder and national coordinator of the special actiongroup/foundation ‘Time for School’.

After 10 years of activisme a real breakthrough was realised in the form of good practices and necessary legislation. Recipient of national emancipation awards. Actually, there is still a lot of work to do on this front in order to achieve real quality time and proper services for all ages, corresponding the latest chronobiological data.

In the period 1976–1978 she published governmental advice reports regarding ‘School Hours’ and ‘Scandinavian Developments’, as special gender and time expert for the National Emancipation Council Since 1988 she is founder/president and project coordinator for the Foundation Pep International (personal politics), home based in the Netherlands. Special focus on gender, democracy, money, time, education and health; all from an integral perspective, operating on international, national and local levels. Presentations, publications.

Hence she has been continuously participating in various specialist movements: from the Human/Women’s/Children’s Rights to the SDG’s, esp. Goals 1-6; from food/water sovereignty to various education movements and from the Donut Economy (circular economy with the SDG’s in the heart) to monetary reform and redesigning democracy, always aiming at structural system changes/improvements, accompanied by cultural awareness. For Pep it is nowadays mostly a matter of connecting those various movements, like a.o. time, gender and money. Connection, cooperation and cocreation are essential, given the ongoing globalisation, digitalisation and financialisation.

From 1990 to 2005 she was performing national information projects on genetics and epigenetics,

From 2008 to 2012 she was performing the project Gender Data, Statistics & Budgeting (showing facts & figures with the gender lens)

Since 2015 she is co-founder/team of the Platform ‘Better Times’ and since 2019 of the Healthy Time Zone Alliance; with a special focus on the awareness of circadian rhythms and the diversity in chronotypes; striving for applying scientific knowledge into practice.

Since 2018 she is participating as time expert in governmental expert meetings regarding the EU-proposal ‘Seasonal clock change’

In 2019 she was co-author of the Position Paper ‘European guideline end clock changes – timing is everything’; incl. interdepartmental recommendations for healthy time use.

BTUI’s expertise areas: Chronobiology, Public policies, Education, Economy

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