Analía Verónica Calero

Economist, specialized on labor market and time use

She is an economist from UBA specialized in labor market. She is working at the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses of Argentina (INDEC), at the National Bureau of Living Conditions where the first National Survey of Time Use (ENUT 2021) is being designed.

That area published in 2013 the first Module of unpaid work and time use which she used to do research on the relationship between time use and care economics. The results were publish as a working by the Secretary of Political Economy of the Ministry of Economy where she previously worked (2012-2019). Her first steps with time use research started in 2013 whith the “Training Workshop on Data Analysis on the Use of Time for the Formulation of Public Policies ” organized by IATUR and IBEGE. In 2018, She presented her research “Time and Income Poverty in Argentina” at “Time Use Across the Life Course” Conference of Maryland Population Research Center and also at 2018 IATUR conference at the Hungarian Academy of Science.

BTUI’s expertise areas: Social science

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